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LeBron James Should Stay With the Cleveland Cavaliers and Here's Why

LeBron James Should Stay With the Cleveland Cavaliers and Here's Why

Nov 27, 2017; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) runs up court in front of Philadelphia 76ers guard Ben Simmons (25) at Wells Fargo Center. | Reuters/Bill Streicher-USA Today Sports

Later this year, LeBron James' foray into free agency will again be the number one topic discussed by NBA fans.

It is already among the most talked about topics now, which is really something considering that James and his teammates on the Cleveland Cavaliers are in the midst of a playoff push.

It cannot be helped though since James is such a singular talent that fans cannot help but fantasize about him ending up on their team. However, there is a case to be made that the best move for the man they call "King" to make is to stay right where he is.

The first reason for why staying with the Cavaliers makes sense for James is because doing so will give him an opportunity to do something pretty special.

As spotted recently by Sportsnaut, ESPN's John Buccigross shared something interesting over on Twitter pertaining to James' impending free agency. He pointed out that this summer, the Cavaliers will be able to offer James a projected max contract that will pay him $205 million over five years.

Now, what was really interesting about that contract was that it was larger than the one that Stephen Curry signed not too long ago to stay with the Golden State Warriors, as Sportsnaut noted.

James is a competitive individual, and he probably would not mind claiming the status of being the one who signed the largest contract ever offered to any NBA player.

Another reason why remaining with the Cavs is a viable and perhaps even good option for James is because the team will be in prime position to add a talented young player this offseason.

The Cavaliers own the rights to the Brooklyn Nets' unprotected first round pick.

As seen on, that pick currently has an 18.3 percent chance to land in the top three of the lottery and a 5.3 percent chance to end up as the top overall pick. Even if the Cavaliers do not get lucky in the lottery, they are still currently projected to receive either the sixth or seventh overall pick.

That means the Cavaliers currently have a good chance to select one of the better players in what is considered to be a top-heavy draft.

Should James decide to stay and the Cavaliers use that pick to select a young player, then the "King" could have someone to mentor and eventually rely upon as he enters the later stages of his NBA career.

There is one more reason why staying in Cleveland can be good for James.

Though the Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics have been impressive this season, many fans and analysts still see the Cavaliers as the favorites to make the Finals out of the Eastern Conference this season thanks in large part to James.

He has been the king of the conference pretty much since 2011 and sticking with the Cavaliers will allow him to maintain his hold over the east. It does not hurt that continuing his run of consecutive Finals appearances would seem easier to pull off should he stay in the Eastern Conference.

James will have the option of continuing his career in Cleveland this summer and doing so could work out well for him.


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