NBA Star Dog Sold on Twitter: Kendrick Perkins Sells Dog to Fans (PHOTO)

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(Photo: Twitter/Kendrick Perkins)NBA star Kendrick Perkins has sold his dog on Twitter after posting this photo and offering a 50 percent discount.

An NBA star has sold his dog on social media site Twitter, according to reports this week.

Basketball star Kendrick Perkins announced to his 55,000 Twitter followers on Tuesday night that he wanted someone to purchase his pet dog.

Just before 10.30 p.m. the Oklahoma City Thunder player tweeted, "Hey I have a English bulldog and he to big to be around my youngest child he 10 months got his papers and he got a micro chip."

He also tweeted fans saying that he had paid $3,000 for the dog, but was willing to sell him for half price, at $1,500.

He tweeted, "Just want him to have a good family."

He then proceeded to post up numerous photos of the dog in the hope of attracting a buyer. He later added that the English bulldog had to be "gone by tomorrow."

The response to the tweets was varied. Some potential buyers indeed came forward to inquire into the details of the deal. However, many others either mocked the basketball star for the offer, with some even angrily rebuking him for selling his dog on the social media site.

One of Kendrick's followers called Mike George even joked that fellow sports star Michael Vick might be interested. Vick of course was implicated in 2007 as being part of an illegal dog fighting ring that had operated for five years. After charges were brought Vick pleaded guilty to federal felony charges and served 21 months in prison.

Mike George mocked: "@KendrickPerkins I'm sure @MikeVick would give him a good home.."

Despite the furor created, in just 45 minutes, Kendrick was back on his Twitter account announcing that his efforts to sell the dog through twitter were successful and that a buyer had been found.