NeNe Leakes Denies Divorcing For Television

NeNe Leakes, the 45-year-old Hollywood actress who appears on "I Dream of NeNe," is making it clear that she did not remarry her ex-husband Gregg Leakes for ratings.

While Leakes' marriage has been a vital part of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" and spawned a spinoff to showcase the pair's second marriage in the form of "I Dream of NeNe," she insists that the couple did not divorce for the sake of television cameras.

"Greg and I broke up for real. I'm a mom and divorce is very hard," she told the Tom Joyner Morning Show recently. "It's very difficult. I was heartbroken. I would never do that for a profile."

The reality television star went on to defend herself against the critics who may be questioning if her divorce was legitimate.

"Why would I need to do that? I lived all these years as Nene Leakes, before a camera ever rolled in my house," Leakes said on the Tom Joyner show recently. "I was married for real. I gave birth, for real, to his child. I would never do that."

The Leakes' nuptials took place in Atlanta, Ga at the InterContinental Hotel in a $1.8 million event this past summer. Leakes previously said her ceremony was much better than the first time she married Gregg.

"Both of us want this, so it will definitely work this time. I know exactly what I'm getting myself into," Leakes previously told Life & Style magazine. "It was more romantic this time than the first, Gregg and I are real adults, so it was better."

Leakes walked down the aisle with her two sons, Brentt Leakes and Bryson Bryant. The moment was a special one for the reality television star.

"That was so emotional for me," Leakes told Life & Style. "And Gregg telling me I was beautiful - that was really special. I had a lot of teary moments."