New Obama Slogan Aimed at Exciting Democratic Base

The Obama campaign is gearing up for a final push in this year's presidential election with a new slogan that was announced at a rally recently.

In the past, supporters in the president's corner could be seen waving blue placards and periodically shouting in unison, "Forward."

But in a shift designed to drum up the last remaining support for the president, and to attempt to sway those few, but precious, undecided voters the Obama campaign has changed their slogan to "Forward!"

The choice to switch to the exclamation point over the stoic period became known during a campaign event earlier this week and can be explained as an attempt to reinvigorate the Democratic base after previous debate performances led to a slip in the polls for the president.

The president has seen a dip in the polls after mediocre debate performances and continued questions regarding the administration's handling of the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

The subtle change comes less than two weeks until the election on Nov. 6 and the change in punctuation is targeting Obama supporters in order to convey a sense of urgency before what many experts are predicting to be the closest presidential election in history.

The new Obama slogan comes at a time when the president is about to embark on a 40-hour campaign blitz covering several key battleground states in a lead up to the election.

Obama spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki explained that the campaign added the exclamation point in an effort to convey to every voter "the stakes in this election and energy at our events."

The new and improved slogan will remain in place for the duration of the campaign. It made its most recent appearance at a campaign rally in New Hampshire on Saturday that had a crowd of 6,000.