New Orleans Saints vs. New York Giants in Must Win Game

The Giants and the New Orleans Saints are playing tonight and there will be plenty at stake, because both teams need a win to remain at the top of their respective divisions.

At 6 to 4, the Giants will have to beat the New Orleans Saints in tonight’s Monday Night Football game to stay competitive in the race for the playoffs.

A tough late fourth-quarter loss to the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday gave the Dallas Cowboys room atop of the NFC east. Tonight, the Giants will want to come up big against the Saints to move to a 7 to 4 record – the same as the Cowboys.

The New Orleans Saints will come at the Giants using their high-powered offense leads in the NFC south with a 7 to 3 record. The Saints will also need a win to remain in first place above the 7 to 4 Atlanta Falcons.

At the forefront of tonight’s game will be the quarterback match up between Eli Manning and Drew Brees.

Manning and the Giants bring the fourth-best passing offense against Brees, who leads the NFL in attempts, completions and yardage, and is on pace to break Dan Marino’s single-season yardage record of 5,084 in 1984.

Although Manning is eager to return to his hometown of New Orleans, he is looking forward for a win.

“It is a special place,” said Manning to Dan Salomone of the Giants’ website. “I grew up going to games there so it is always a special trip.”

“I’m really treating it like every other away game,” Manning continued. “I’m not seeing any family or friends or any sight-seeing. I’m going in there as a business trip and know that we have a big game. I want to go out there and make sure that our offense and our team is playing our best.”