New Pokemon X & Y Character Reveal: Release Date October 12 (VIDEO)

Just months before Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are set to debut, a new game made by the same company could also be unleashed.

The first footage of Pokemon XY debuted on television for the Sunday, offering a tease of what's to come when the new Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are introduced Oct. 12. The new game will launch worldwide on Nintendo 3DS.

Pocket Monsters XY is the fifth new television anime title in the franchise after more than 15 years of airtime. The first television show based off of the Nintendo video game aired in Japan in 1997, according to the Anime News Network.

The new XY game will feature new Pokemon characters including Pancha, a panda with a trademark leaf in his mouth, and the more evolved Pongoro. The game will also introduce new play options as well.

In addition to the new Pokemon game, however, Game Freak may also be introducing a totally new game. On the company website a new character is being advertised although all of its features have been covered in a glow. The description under the image reads simply "Coming Soon" in English. But translation of the Japanese in back gives a further hint.

"That popular game that is played around the world, will be reborn in a surprising collaboration," it reads.

The image appears to look something like a horse, or some other animal with four short legs. Some users suggested that the image resembled My Little Pony. Other users suspected the latest collaboration could introduce new characters to a different system.

"Whatever this is, it's for WiiU, the outline of the creature is too smooth to be something on 3DS," one user prompted on the GameSpot blog.

Pocket Monsters XY will follow the original, worldwide debut. It will appear in Japan on Oct. 17, according to Anime News.