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New Xbox One Controller Design Coming? Variant Focused on Accessibility Allegedly Leaked

New Xbox One Controller Design Coming? Variant Focused on Accessibility Allegedly Leaked

There's a new Xbox One peripheral design floating around online, and nobody could make heads or tails of it as of this time. This new controller-like accessory seems to be one geared for accessibility, as known Microsoft informant h0x0d recently posted on social media.

The leakster posted, via the Twitter handle WalkingCat, what looks like a promo image for a new Xbox-branded controller-type peripheral, which is likely for the Xbox One. The lack of caption certainly does not help in identifying the console accessory, as h0x0d simply posted the photo without any accompanying text on Monday, May 14.

An image of the Xbox One customized controllers featuring the logo of the Green Bay Packers from the NFL. | Xbox Design Lab

Twitter users who pressed h0x0d for details, on whether the image represents a new Xbox, or even something related to Microsoft's new Mixed Reality or Cloud Gaming projects, finally elicited a reply.

"Actually, I have no idea," h0x0d admitted in a follow-up tweet.

For now, it's difficult to figure out if this photo is a promotional image for a new Xbox One controller or just a concept art to play around with the design. A few touches that can be seen on the leaked accessory seem to suggest that this is a peripheral designed for users who rely more on touch rather than sight, as Windows Central pointed out.

There are some clues, like how the top of the controller has a series of engraved symbols that stand for all of the different functions of a standard Xbox controller. The two large black discs seem to be oversized "A" and "B" buttons, which could be programmable as well to allow users to remap them to other buttons.

The 3 LED lights just above the directional pad are also very similar to that of the Xbox Elite Controller, an update to the standard Xbox One controller that has been leaked recently. There are a USB port and a 3.5 mm audio jack on the left side visible, as well, which indicate that this accessory can be connected to other peripherals like keyboards and headsets.

Xbox One controller have remained practically unchanged over the years, except for special edition designs like this one for "Sea of Thieves," for a title exclusive for the Xbox from Rare. | Microsoft

Since it has been more or less confirmed that Microsoft is indeed working on a new Xbox controller, this leaked image could be one of the designs that the company is now currently testing.

While this design is one that looks to cater to accessibility, the Xbox Elite Controller, also known by the codename "Spider" according to sources, will also offer a few improvements on the standard Xbox One controller.

Some features reportedly being added to the new controller were based on feedback from users, particularly those that are looking for controllers that are more customizable. To that end, Microsoft is reportedly adding adjustable trigger locks and joystick tension controls that allow gamers to tweak the resistance of their controllers to their preference.

More information about this new Xbox peripheral is expected to come out in the coming weeks.


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