New York Pastor Accused of Sexually Abusing His Daughter and Son

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(Photo:New York pastor Roy Harriger Sr. has been accused of sexually abusing his son and daughter when they were children.

A New York pastor has been accused of sexually assaulting his daughter and son.

Roy Harriger Sr., 70, was jailed last week after he was arrested on Wednesday on accusations of "felony sexual conduct, incest and sodomy charges" against his son and daughter, who were between the ages of seven and nine respectively when the alleged acts occurred.

Authorities also believe that there may be as many as 10 victims, but they are unable to prosecute the cases because the allegations date back as far as the 1970s. The two cases that prompted the arrest allegedly transpired in 2000 and 2001.

Community members bailed Harriger out of prison, who attended service at his church, Community Fellowship Church, on Sunday, Dec. 1.

Attendees interview by WKBW claimed that they were glad their pastor was out prison but not all in the town shared their sentiments.

"I think that it is just absolutely outrageous that people around here who have children with children could possibly support this kind of monster," a man who did not wish to be identified told WKBW.

Harriger pastored Ashwood Wesleyan for 12 years before the church terminated him after a disagreement with denomination leaders. He subsequently started Community Fellowship Church.

Beyond the official church leadership positions Harriger has held, he has also been involved in the community and led opening prayers at County Legislature meetings, according to Orleans Hub.