Newsboys New Album 'Restart' will 'Take Music Further' Said Michael Tait

The Newsboys are releasing their new album, Restart, on September 10, and they promise the record will "take the music further."

Restart is the third studio album with Michael Tait as lead vocalist and will combines the elements of pop, worship and rock that made fans love the first two records with him, Born Again and God's Not Dead. In the nearly four years since Tait joined the band, over 650,000 records have been sold, while five singles have attained No. 1 status on the radio charts.

The album's first single, "Live With Abandon" reached No. 20 on the National Christian Audience chart this week, and also broke into the Top 10 at Christian Hot AC at No. 6.

"At the start of this record two years ago, we knew we'd be taking great risks, but people will be excited about this album because we've pushed the music and taken it further than we've ever taken it before," said Tait in a press release. "I have not felt this way about anything I've been involved in musically since Jesus Freak."

The lyric video for "Live With Abandon" is now available here.

Lead singer Michael Tait, and drummer Duncan Phillips released a video on the band's YouTube channel, giving the fans behind the scenes access to the album.

"We are shooting the live music performance video for our new song, 'Live with Abandon,' and we are in Nashville, it's dark outside we are in the school shooting in the hallways," they said in the video posted on June 20.

Watch the video here.

Newsboys will depart on the Restart tour this fall along with For King & Country, Moriah Peters, Rapture Ruckus and Campbell.

The Newsboys band was founded in 1985, although it has undergone a number of personnel changes since that time including the addition of lead singer and former dc Talk member Michael Tait, who joined the band in March of 2009. They have produced 28 number one singles, and have put out four albums since 2008 with Restart to be the fifth.