Nexus 4 Successor to Be Made by Google and Motorola, Release Date Set for Q4

The Nexus 4 successor will be made by Google and Motorola.

The new device will be a brand new Nexus model and not a pure Android version of the Moto X, according to a report from Taylor Wimberly. He also stated that the release date for the device will fall somewhere in Q4 2013. Wimberly revealed this information through a Google+ post.

A Nexus 4 Android 4.3, JellyBean update ROM was released by developers Paranoid Android earlier this month.

The team posted up instructions on how to download the install the software on the smartphone on their Google+ page. However, they also cautioned users that this build, which is only a preview version, has had some issues.

"The build still has problems with root," they wrote. "If you follow Android news you know that Google changed access rights and the permission system, it's not easy right now. That means PAPrefs will not be able to write hybrid props. Hybrid engine is OK, but you can't communicate to it."

They advise those who could live with the issues to download the new ROM if they want to, but told the rest to wait until the root has been fixed to use it. The CyanogenMod team has also started working on its own Android 4.3-based CM 10.2.

The Android 4.3 update was finally unveiled at Google's media event that took place earlier this week.

It comes pre-installed in the Nexus 7 successor that was also unveiled at the media event. The new software was demonstrated on the tablet.

The upgrade to Android will bring new capabilities to the multi-user mode that is currently available on JellyBean-powered tablets.