Nexus 5 Rumors: White Version Appears in New Render

Previous Nexus 5 rumors and leaks have revealed the existence of a white version.

This same model surfaced once again over the weekend in a new render that could be used by the press in the future.

The picture of the device donning the non-color was posted by C Technology.

The release date for the Nexus 5 could be as early as Oct. 24, with new reports indicating that Google has scheduled some type of event where the new Nexus device could be introduced to the public for the very first time, according to Android Authority.

Reports of different versions of the handset featuring different types of batteries were also shot down by the site, which has claimed that it will come with one 2300mAh unit that fits all types. It will launch in two memory capacities, according to an earlier report from Tutto Android.

Other reports have claimed that there will not be an 8GB version of the smartphone, and that it will only be available with 16GB and 32GB of internal memory. However, neither LG nor Google have confirmed an official launch date or unveiling for the device.

Despite the expected late October release, the device made an early appearance in the Google Play store last week, and it is believed that the company most likely published the page accidentally. The post also claimed that the price of the smartphone will be $349 for the 16GB version.

The wallpaper seen on the Nexus 5 also coincides with the one that has been seen in other recent leaks, according to Android Authority.

Other Nexus 5 phone press images also surfaced last week, indicating that the device will launch through Telus. The unofficial pictures were published by MobileSyrup and show a device that looks a lot like what has been seen in previous leaks. The pictures also seem to indicate the handset is running Android 4.4, KitKat.