Nia Vardolas on Adoption: 'Really, Really Hard' But Worth It

It's been three years since Nia Vardolas adopted her 3-year-old daughter, and now Vardolas is on a mission to educate and encourage others to choose adoption in the face of fertility struggles. Her book "Instant Mom" chronicles her decision, along with husband Ian Gomez, to bring home a little girl.

"She turned and looked at me and my first thought was, 'Oh I found you.' So that's it, now I know," Vardolas said while on the "Today" show. Vardolas went on to explain that it wasn't an easy transition for her daughter or for her or Gomez at first.

"It was really, really hard. From the minute she came to live with us, it was eyes down, downcast. She was withdrawn. She got very angry the next day. She bit my finger … And I am here today because within six months from the time we finalized her adoption she was completely transitioned and loving and attentive and attached and that is the fear that people have," Nardolas explained.

Of course, six months didn't seem all that long considering that Nardolas and Gomez had been through 13 in-vitro fertilization and fertility treatments. Even though they tried their hardest, nothing worked for the couple, and they finally decided to try their hands at adoption.

"I would do it all again because I am supposed to be [my daughter's] mother. I know myself. I am very persevering and I am tenacious to the point where I call myself a fearless idiot, but at that point where you do one after the other after the other because you are so in the pursuit in being a mother," Nardolas said.

"Writing a book is a brand new territory," Nardolas added. "Even though I make fun of my family and my screenplays for fun and profit, this is new to talk about my personal life. But I am doing it because my husband and I are going to take the proceeds and share them among so many groups and get some kids adopted!"

"Instant Mom" is available now online and in bookstores.