Nick Vujicic's 'World Outreach' Web Series Premieres With Feature on Limbless Evangelist's Visit to Hungary

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(Photo: The Christian Post/Scott Liu)Inspirational speaker Nick Vujicic, who was born without arms or legs, speaks at the National Religious Broadcasters convention on Tuesday, March 5, 2013, in Nashville, Tenn.

Nick Vujicic of Life Without Limbs ministry premieres his first-ever Web series Monday that documents his travels to 24 countries where he shared with tens of thousands of people how his hope and faith in Jesus Christ helped him overcome a rare disorder that has left him without any arms or legs.

"The opportunity to impact huge numbers of people through events and conferences was an amazing way to feel the joy of the Lord," Vujicic says in a press statement on the new series. "Yet at the same time, it was the stories of individuals who showed how God works in our daily lives. I heard countless stories of joy, hope and inspiration. I thank the Lord for the chance to share their stories with the world."

The 31-year-old married father will be sharing with his global supporters how he ministered in 2013 to about 400,000 people around the globe in countries like Ecuador, Japan, Vietnam and, most recently, Taiwan.

While Vujicic just wrapped up his tour with a final stop in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, over the weekend where 30,000 people attended, of which 3,000 reportedly committed their lives to Christ, the "World Outreach" Web series will premiere with footage of his travels to Hungary in Central Europe.

In addition to meeting and praying with Hungarian President János Áder and his wife and making several local television appearances, Vujicic impacted thousands in the cities of Budapest, Pécs and Debrecen. The "limbless evangelist" also took time out to meet with locals one-on-one and recounts on his blog of spending time with a woman and her adopted son, Szabolcs, who also has tetra-amelia syndrome, the rare disorder that affects Vujicic.

"Szabolcs and I were both born without limbs, yet we were given such different circumstances," Vujicic writes on his blog. "While I was very blessed to have the support of my parents through my entire childhood, Szabolcs was left to the mercy of one of Hungary's government-run orphanages.

"It wasn't until the age of three that his foster mom, Mogdolna, saw an ad in a Hungarian magazine listing Szabolcs for adoption. The real kicker is that Mogdolna is disabled as well, having no legs and only one arm. Her sacrifice was magnified even further when her husband passed away several years later, leaving only Mogdolna to care for Szabolcs."

The Serbian Australian-born evangelist adds, "Despite their difficult circumstances, the amount of joyfulness present in Szabolcs and Mogdolna's lives is inspiring. The joy of the Lord shines right through them."

Vujicic's worldwide supporters will hear some of those stories and more every Monday beginning Dec. 16, 2013, through his "World Outreach" web series. The first online broadcast titled, "World Outreach Episode 1 - Hungary," begins at 1 p.m. EST on

The mission of Vujicic's Life Without Limbs ministry is "to cross boundaries, break down barriers and build bridges that bring people to the love and hope found in Jesus Christ." The evangelist, who lives in California with his family, has appeared on "60 Minutes," the Oprah Winfrey Network and elsewhere. Vujicic has shared his story in two books, Unstoppable and Life Without Limbs.

Watch a preview of Vujicic's "World Outreach" Web series in the video below: