Nine Lashes Helps Christians Overcome Loneliness on Path of Faith

Overcoming the sometimes lonesome journey on the path of faith has been a message that many people have gravitated to as seen in Nine Lashes’ chart-topping single “Anthem of the Lonely.” Jeremy Dunn, lead vocalist for the Christian rock band, wants to see Christians conquer this period of “resistance” and meet “transformation.”

Hailing from Birmingham, Ala., the newest members of the Tooth and Nail family, Nine Lashes is a group of rockers that have a passion for change and a desire to bring “hope to the hopeless.”

After releasing an independent album in 2009, the band, comprised of Jeremy Dunn (vocals), Adam Jefferson (guitar), Jared Lankford (bass), Noah Terrell (drums), and Jonathan Jefferson (guitar), is gearing up to release its Tooth and Nail debut titled World We View.

Frontman Dunn and author of their hit single single, “Anthem of the Lonely,” recently sat down with BREATHEcast to share his heart about the upcoming album, give advice to those who are feeling lonely on their path of faith, and more.

BC: Many people love the song "Anthem of the Lonely." What's the story behind this song?

Dunn: When writing this song I just had this image of transformation in my mind's eye. Sometimes change meets resistance. This is a song about pushing through that resistance.

BC: Sometimes it can feel like a lonely place standing for Christ. What advice can you offer to young people who may be struggling with this?