Nintendo Games Now Playable on Nvidia's Shield TV in China

Facebook/NVIDIASHIELDA promotional image of the Nvidia Shield TV.

Nintendo seems to be in full throttle when it comes to expanding its reach — even if it means forging partnerships with other tech and gaming companies outside of the U.S.

According to a Twitter post from industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, the gaming giant collaborated with Nvidia who will port some key titles, particularly from the Wii and GameCube consoles, for the latter's Shield TV console. The games' availability coincided with the Shield TV's official release in China.

"Nvidia Shield is coming to Mainland China. Will be priced at RMB 1499," posted Ahmad. "The Shield will focus on games in China. It will run popular PC games as well as Nintendo Wii games such as Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess and Punch out," he continued.

Moreover, the analyst posted a follow-up Tweet, showing actual gameplay footage of "Super Mario Bros" Wii running on the Shield TV at 1080p. "It is said that Metroid Prime for Wii will also come to the system in the future," Ahmad added.

The games cost 68 yuan ($10) while the Shield TV amounts to 1,499 yuan ($225). Interestingly, the tie-up between Nintendo and Nvidia could be a sign of things to come. The Verge noted that the company has yet to release its flagship console, the Nintendo Switch, in China. Furthermore, it has not offered its consoles directly to the country, and instead used the subsidiary iQue to sell variants of its handheld consoles in the past.

Meanwhile, Nintendo is reportedly preparing to produce 25 to 30 million Switch units in its upcoming fiscal year starting April of 2018. Sources who are close to the matter said that the company has already informed its business partners of their production ramp up, The Wall Street Journal reported.

With the holidays at hand, the report also said that the console's performance will be evaluated after the season to determine if they will increase their targets even further.