Tuesday, January 19, 2016
'No Man's Sky' Release Delayed Due to Planned Xbox One and VR Head Gear Launch?

'No Man's Sky' Release Delayed Due to Planned Xbox One and VR Head Gear Launch?

A screengrab from a gameplay trailer for Hello Games video game title "No Man's Sky." | YOUTUBE / PlayStation

"No Man's Sky" is slated for a June release for the PlayStation 4, but there are reports saying the game may also be launched on the Xbox One, PC, and virtual reality (VR) headsets.

Rumor has it that the delay in the release of "No Man's Sky" is due to preparations to have the game released on the Xbox One, PC, and VR headsets. Xbox Director Chris Charla had previously hinted that they could work on an Xbox release for the game if Hello Games is interested, according to Crossmap.

Microsoft is known for its strict launch parity policy. This means the game must be launched exclusively for Xbox or not be released on the console at all. Still, Charla's statement hints that something can be done to work around the parity policy, Game Rant reports.

Movie Pilot's Kenny McDonnell had earlier suggested that Sony could be gearing up for the game's release alongside their VR headset Project Morpheus. This could be the cause of the delayed launch, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Hello Games founder and programmer Sean Murray recently spoke to Gamesradar in an interview and seemed to confirm a VR headset release for "No Man's Sky." Although his statement sounded vague, it only served to fuel the rumors about that possibility.

"I don't know what I'm allowed to say, it's something we're thinking about. Morpheus, Oculus... There's nothing more cool and sci-fi than VR and a big procedural universe," Murray told Gamesradar. "I think that, for the people who want to just explore, and even for the space combat and things like that, it would be a good fit. Let's put it that way."

"No Man's Sky" will open 18 quantillion worlds that players will be free to explore when it comes out in June. It is worth noting that Hello Games' contract with PlayStation will last for only one year, leaving open the possibility of the game being launched in other consoles. But until Microsoft confirms anything, the game remains a PS4 exclusive.