Noodle & Boo Founder: 'It's Liberating to Know God Will Open Doors'

Christine Burger, founder of Noodle & Boo body products for babies, never expected to be doing what she is now. Burger spoke with The Christian Post about her life purpose of helping children and the faith it took to venture into an unknown business.

After trying for nine years to have a child, Burger and her husband found themselves expecting a son, Andrew(also known as "Noodle"). Four years later, the Burgers were blessed with a second son, Matthew (aka "Boo"). It was Andrew's eczema – or inflammation of the epidermis – that led Burger to search for the right treatment of the problem.

"I was given steroid cream, but I just kept thinking that there has to be a better way," Burger explained. "I would sit on the floor of stores, with all of these products lined up, trying to find something for his skin. I wanted authentic marketing and safe ingredients."

As Burger notes, "I'm a big believer in that you don't have to have already done something in order to do it, if you're willing to work at it. We spent two years developing the line. I just wanted the best products for babies' skin."

That meant putting everything on the line, including the family's finances, which took a giant leap of faith.

"There were moments when I thought we wouldn't be able to do it; I had complete fear. I called my dad, a 'man of faith,' who asked, 'Honey, do you believe that this is what God is calling you to do?'"

When Burger replied that it was, her father went on to state: "If you're doing the will of God, it's where you need to be." Burger's fear dissolved with those words of encouragement and the realization that she was fulfilling her life's mission of helping children.

One of the most important lessons Burger has learned throughout this experience is that God opens doors at the right time.

"The amazing thing is that I could not do what has happened for our little company; all of the biggest things that were done, I had nothing to do with. It was all God," he said. "Sometimes our timing isn't God's timing and He knows even more what we need, what He is doing. I've seen time after time things that haven't moved as fast. Looking back, I see that I could not have done it the way I wanted to at the time."

Noodle & Boo started as a small company but Burger just received the opportunity to see her products on Shop NBC. She will appear on the channel, starting next week, even though she has no TV experience.

"It's liberating," she told CP, "to know that doors will eventually open when they're supposed to. You can take so much weight off your shoulders if you know that."

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