Northbridge Hazing Incident (VIDEO): Student Allegedly Forced to Drink Urine

A hazing incident involving members of the Northbridge High School football team allegedly took place Aug. 19.

(Photo: YouTube Screen Shot)A Northbridge High School hazing incident has sparked controversy.

The hazing incident was reported to police on Aug. 21 by high school principal Michael P. Gauthier which claimed that an unidentified freshman was pressured to take a drink from a gallon jug mixed with water and urine.

Initial reports stated that the freshman allegedly did not know what was in the cup and that another football player took the cup away before he drank it. However, further reports claim that the freshman reportedly told investigators that he had in fact taken a sip before spitting it out.

No names have been revealed and the freshman does not wish to press charges against the players.

According to a written statement, the members of the football team were playing "sled pad" and the freshman lost the game. Because he lost the game, he was pressured to drink from a gallon jug of water with urine in it by four juniors.

Northbridge Public School released a statement following the incident:

The Northbridge Public School District takes all incidents of hazing seriously, and follows strict protocols whenever an incident occurs. We do a thorough investigation, and apply appropriate consequences that match the seriousness of the situation. We also report the incident to the police as required by law. The law prohibits us from releasing any names or details of the incident, or commenting on the consequences that were given to students.

 It is unfortunate that this hazing incident has occurred. It does not reflect the true nature of the Northbridge Schools. We stress respect and good sportsmanship in all our programs, and are proud of the maturity, responsibility, and sensitivity of our students. We will continue to work with students to emphasize the prohibition on all forms of hazing and bullying, while administering suitable consequences to deter future incidents.