NRA School Press Conference Live Stream: Sandy Hook Shootings (WATCH)

The National Rifle Association will hold its first press conference exactly one week after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

The NRA has remained silent for the past week as cries go out for increased gun control. Earlier in the week, Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein stated that she would put together a reconstructed bill that would ban assault weapons.

On Wednesday, President Obama backed Feinstein, saying there is "no reason why the assault weapons ban" can't pass Congress. He also assigned president Joe Biden as head of a task force that will aim to develop new proposals for gun control by the end of January.

"We hear you," Obama said over a video message in response to the cries for reduced gun violence.

The NRA has yet to speak out on the debate, which was reignited last Friday when Adam Lanza opened fire on Sandy Hook elementary school killing 20 children, 7 adults, and then himself. In response, the gun advocacy organization has scheduled its first public announcement regarding the issue via press conference. The conference will take place at 10:45 am E.T. with a live stream available here. Those interested in tuning in can also watch that conference on the organization's Facebook, here.

The organization has suggested that it is "prepared to offer meaningful contributions" to avoid a future school shooding. Holding a press conference has become a "big deal," say some.

"They have upped the ante by doing it the way they have," Richard Feldman, president of the Independent Firearm Owners Association and a former NRA official, told Fox News. "They've built the news conference into a pretty big deal."