O.J. Simpson Was Innocent, Claims Private Eye; Has 'Murder Weapon' to Prove It

O.J. Simpson was innocent of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman; instead, his son, Jason Simpson, was responsible for the gruesome murders, according to a private investigator.

O.J. Simpson's innocence of the crime was established in the landmark 1995 case, where he was acquitted of the charges. A renowned private investigator, William C. Dear, alleges in his book "O.J. Is Innocent and I Can Prove It," that Jason Simpson murdered the two victims, and has the murder weapon to prove it.

"In all probability, this is the actual knife," he told Bill O' Reilly while appearing on his show. Holding the knife up, he told the host to note the "indentation on the end."

"The knife came from my suspect's storage facility," he added.

Dear cites a what he considers to be a multitude of evidence overlooked by investigators: the knife, when given to experts, matches the wounds on Nicole Brown Simpson's skull; "JS"- for Jason Simpson- is engraved on the dagger; Jason, then 24 at the time, had a history of psychiatric problems- exacerbated by his failure to refill his prescription of Depracote; and Jason had a record of previously assaulting his former employer with a knife.

The clues are coupled with Jason's own diary entries, which Dear procured, which reveal chilling sides of a troubled youth's personality.

"I cut away my problems with the knife," Dear read Jason's words to NBC. "I am tired of being Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. And if anybody messes with my family, I'll kill them."

Jason, the son of O.J.'s first marriage to Marguerite L. Whitley, also had a motive, albeit a highly unlikely one, admitted Dear. He claims that the very first night of Jason's job as a chef, Nicole Brown Simpson dined at another restaurant, motivating him to kill her.

There are problems with Dear's theory though. Police- whom Dear told "The O' Reilly Factor" that he had contacted about the case- ignored his ideas, which O' Reilly himself brought up.

"It's hard to believe that you say you have this murder weapon and the Los Angeles Police Department isn't out trying to check your story," said the skeptical host.

Dear, who has been a private eye for 45 years and inducted into the Police Officer Hall of Fame, also alleges that O.J. knew his son committed the murder and covered for him. This would require that the celebrity risk his home, wealth, and future to hide a double murder he didn't commit- "highly unlikely," according to Forbes contributor Roger Friedman.

Finally, although half of all Americans watched the 1994 decision, many don't remember that O.J. was tried and found guilty by a civil court for the wrongful death of Ronald Goldman and battery of Nicole Simpson in 1997. The court ruling cost him $33.5 million.

O.J. Simpson is currently serving prison time for armed robbery and kidnapping in Lovelock, Nevada. His son Jason has not commented on Dear's book or the case. The book was released Wednesday, April 4.