Obama's Former Professor Says He 'Must Be Defeated'

It's one thing for your political opponents to attack you, but now a liberal professor who once supported and taught President Obama at Harvard says the Democratic Party's only hope of survival is to not give the president a second term.

"President Obama must be defeated in the coming election year," Roberto Unger said in a scathing video titled "Beyond Obama." "He has failed to advance the progressive cause in the United States. He has spent trillions of dollars to rescue special interests."

Unger, who is a Brazilian politician and scholar with leftist views, however, was equally as critical of the Republican Party in the eight-minute video clip.

"If [Republicans] had their way, inequality would be even greater than it is now and threaten freedom and prosperity even more than it does now," said Unger. However, he said the GOP agenda, including possible judicial appointments made by Romney, would pale in comparison to an Obama second term.

"The Democratic Party has no new direction … [Obama] has failed to advance the progressive cause," Unger said. "He has spent trillions of dollars to rescue the moneyed interests and left workers and homeowners to their own devices."

Unger said the deepest cause of America's economic recession is that it quit producing products and services that the country wanted.

"Above all, take politics out of the shadow of money," he said. "We need to democratize the market… so more people can have access to the market in more ways."

The Harvard professor also accuses Obama of "delivering the politics of democracy to the rule of money. He has reduced justice to charity. His policy is financial confidence and food stamps."

He does, however, admit an Obama defeat will come at the cost of progressive judicial and administrative appointments. But otherwise, Unger says, there would be little difference between Obama and his opponents, most likely referring to a Romney administration.

Unger disclosed that he was in contact with Obama during the 2008 presidential race but that he backed away because he didn't want Obama to be associated with his leftist views. The Brazilian politician ran twice for president in Brazil and has served as the country's Minister of Strategic Affairs. He obtained tenure at Harvard at the age of 29.