Occupy Wall Street Plans Massive 'Day of Action' Protest to Shut Down NYC (VIDEO)

Wall Street protesters are calling for a “Day of Action” Thursday, which will involve a demonstration of thousands of protesters that could impact commuters, subways and stores across New York City.

 Occupy Wall Street: 'Day of Action' Protest Aimed at Shutting Down City

According to Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson, “We are certainly anticipating tens of thousands of people protesting, aimed at significant disruptions of the lives of the people of this city.”

Protesters are reportedly looking to disrupt trains, with an eye on preventing people from going to work, as well as taking over Foley Square. Reportedly, this is partially a response to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s order to evict protesters from Zuccotti Park on Tuesday.  Protesters are also joining ranks to mark the two-month anniversary of the start of the Wall Street protest movement.

Accordingly, protesters planned on meeting at Liberty Square at 7 a.m. on Thursday to start their massive rally. The Ooccupy Wall Street movement issued a statement on their website regarding Thursday’s Day of Action:

“Sixty days into the struggle #OccupyWallStreet was violently evicted by the NYPD, who leveled our homes at Liberty Square to the ground. Our movement, however, is stronger than it has ever been. In these sixty days we have brought about a massive awakening, perhaps the largest one in the country since the Civil Rights Movement fifty years ago, and certainly the first global one in modern history.”

The statement continued, “People around the world, from Spain to Australia, from Chile to the U.S. have opened their eyes together to the decadence and injustice of the common system that exploits us. This is what we mean when we say with the deepest significance: you cannot stop an idea whose time has come.”

Wolfson as well as fellow Deputy Mayor Cass Holloway stated that they expect  the rally to be big, but expressed confidence that New York police could handle it.