Octomom Album Cover Pays Homage to 'Like a Virgin'

Nadya Suleman has sparked new controversy by posing nude for an album cover with a backdrop of crosses behind her and a holy rosary around her neck.

Nadya Suleman, better known as Octomom, has often made a spectacle of herself. Her decision to utilize in vitro fertilization despite already having six children resulted in her giving birth to eight more. She had no husband or father figure, and now to help make ends meet she has entered into the adult industry, sparking further controversy.

Suleman has in the past promised to put her family first, never pose nude, never use sex for money, and to stay celibate until all of her children were raised- but has gone back on every single one of them.

Her latest adventure has come so far that she is no longer even citing her family and financial issues as the motive of her quest. Instead, sources close to Suleman have stated that she has posed nude for her upcoming album release in order to pay homage to Madonna.

The album, a joint effort between reality TV star Adam Barta and the Octomom, is set to debut in September. The original name for the album was "Get on the Dance Floor" but the new album cover has inspired the new title of "Sexy Party."

"The cover art for "Sexy Party" is 100% Madonna inspired," sources reported to TMZ. "We're told the pop singer's 'Like a Virgin' style and need to sing about liberation struck a chord with Octo and she wanted to pay homage to that with her album art."

The album depicts Barta with his hands covering Suleman's bare chest. Suleman is topless wearing nothing but a cross around her neck. In the background, four more crosses adorn the wall.