Officer Shot and Killed by Teens Who Then Take Their Own Lives

(Photo: Facebook/Remembering Officer Robert German)Officer Robert German was killed in the line of duty.

A British teenager and her American boyfriend killed themselves after fatally shooting an American police officer in Orlando. Alexandria Hollinghurst and Brandon Goode were found dead in a wealthy Orlando suburb after being listed as "missing endangered" by their families.

"The Orange County Sheriff's Office has been given suicide notes written by both individuals," a spokesman revealed during a press conference. "The contents of those notes will not be revealed at this time, as the investigation is active and open. During the course of this homicide investigation, the OSCO investigators learned from Polk County authorities that the suspects were considered 'missing endangered' due to the suicidal notes."

Hollinghurst and Goode allegedly were out in the early morning when they were approached by Officer Robert German. He stopped their car for suspicious activity and called for back-up, but by the time back-up arrived, German had been shot in the head. German was taken to a nearby hospital but was unable to be revived. His body camera may provide vital information as to what exactly happened between German and the teens.

"Matthew and Debra tried to stop Alex from seeing this guy [Brandon] and they just kept on rowing," a friend told Daily Mail. "The arrest last month was the final straw for them, and she moved out after rowing all the time. She was coming home at all hours."

Both teens had an arrest record due to possession of marijuana and did not get along with their parents. In fact, Goode had been arrested for threatening his mother with an axe. Police can only speculate as to what led them to take the life of Officer German before taking their own lives.

"Officer German was a good cop," Windermere Police Chief David Ogden said. "He was one of the finest police officers we've had. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers are with Officer German's family during this difficult time."

German had just returned from having shoulder surgery and working behind a desk. The community is planning a public funeral to honor the man who served his community and gave his life.