One Direction Band Reveals 'Maternal Instinct':Niall is the 'Cute One' Says Mates

One Direction has admitted that they have a maternal instinct when it comes to one of their band mates, whom they refer to as "the cute one."

The British based band has earned millions since first arriving on the scene following their appearance on Britain's "X-Factor." The band is composed of Harry Styles, 18, Zayn Malik, 19, Niall Horan, 19, Liam Payne, 19, and Louis Tomlinson, 20. Their popularity amongst girls and women alike has set their success apart from many other boy bands.

Styles in particular has drawn attention with a record for being extremely charming. However, as it would turn out, Styles isn't the only one who has been categorized in the band. The boys opened up about their categorizations during a recent interview with the Daily Mail. While Liam is the "competitive" one, Zayn the "coiffed" one, Louis the chiseled one, the one who is the most endearing is apparently Niall, the "cute" one.

During the interview the band members admitted that they all had a sort of maternal instinct when it came to Niall.

I don't know what it is, but even though he isn't the youngest, he's the one we feel almost maternal towards," Zayn said during the interview. And apparently the rest of the band mates agreed.

"There is no doubt Niall is the cute one," Louis admitted.

"I feel really protective towards Niall," Liam added..

"Yeah, in the nicest possible way I would much rather see any of us punched than Niall," Louis cut back in.

"If you saw someone go to punch Niall you would just go psycho…'" Harry said chiming in.

"I'd kill him," Liam said.

As of late the band has been busy working towards their second album. Set to release in November, the name of the album will be "Take Me Home."