Oprah Winfrey to Become Haiti's Goodwill Ambassador?

Oprah Winfrey arrived in Haiti on Sunday in preparation for her interview with Sean Penn, which will focus on the actor's aid work in the grief stricken nation.

Penn, who runs aid group J/P HRO, has been helping rebuild Haiti since the deadly earthquake struck last year.

The pair was photographed walking through some of Haiti's hardest hit areas, many of which have now become a sea of tents.

Sources say Penn is convinced the damage is so severe that he will continue aid work in Haiti for the rest of his life, according to Mail Online.

"This is part of the next chapter, going around the world to see interesting and fascinating cases of profound examples of what can be done to make a difference in the world," Winfrey said outside a camp.

Winfrey, who acted quickly when news of the tragic earthquake hit, almost immediately donated $1 million in aid funds through her Angel Network foundation.

The OWN network owner then urged her viewers to also donate saying, "this is a time where we, as a global nation, should come together and support those who are in need."

President Michel Martelly, who is said to be hosting Winfrey during her stay, is impressed with Winfrey's renowned philanthropic work.

Martelly reportedly met with Winfrey Monday and raised the prospect of the media proprietor serving as a goodwill ambassador for his country.

Haitian designer, Catherine Edouard Charlot told The Christian Post the president "could be right" about Winfrey taking on the role as goodwill ambassador.

"She (Winfrey) will always make a change wherever she goes, and Haiti needs it,” she told CP.

Charlot is the founder of popular clothing label HIMANE, which donates a percentage of all proceeds toward building a school in Haiti.

Donna Karen is another fashion designer who is doing everything she can to make a difference after the earthquake.

Karen's Urban Zen Foundation seeks to help develop, market and present the work of Haiti artisans to the western world.

Winfrey is also expected to meet with Karen during her time in Haiti, but has not yet responded to the president's proposal.