'Ordinary People' Depicts Acts of Everyday Faith: A Review

Angus Buchan's "Ordinary People" is no ordinary DVD and focuses on the redeeming faith that can heal everyday people in their time of need. The stories told within the film are based on true events and now you can have the opportunity to win your own copy of the DVD.

Buchan opens with his own story of wanting to be a minister and his desire to "tell people of God's love." He was greatly disappointed when told he still had to go to school and set out to find peace in the world. That led him on an incredible journey to South Africa, where he worked to become a successful farmer, which didn't happen because his "heart was still so empty."

It was only fulfilled when he recommitted his heart to Christ and received an even stronger calling to be a minister. He decided to first preach to those who worked on his farm, and to the crops so that he could practice and "pretend they were thousands of people."

Throughout the film, one is reminded of the power of faith and the struggles we all face every day of our lives. The central theme of acceptance is also powerful, as Buchan demonstrates that the only acceptance we need is that of Christ in order to have total peace and happiness in our lives. It's a timely message, with people searching elsewhere for utter and complete happiness.

Buchan is not afraid to show what happens when one forgets to have faith in God; in one particularly moving scene, he is on his knees, praying to God for help. It's a scene nearly everyone can relate to. Buchan's honesty is what helps make the film so down-to-earth, and "Ordinary People" is a very appropriate title for the DVD.

Buchan is also the author of "Faith Like Potatoes."

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