'Orphan Black' Spoilers: Series Renewed for Season 3, New Mysteries 'Put In Motion'

(Photo: YouTube screen shot/Orphan Black)Orphan Black

"Orphan Black" received a green light from BBC America for a third season this week.

The critically-acclaimed sci-fi drama stars Tatiana Maslany as a series of clones. As one of the first television series specifically produced for BBC's American channel, "Orphan Black" has swept ratings. The series focuses on Sarah Manning, a woman who assumes the identity of one of her clones, Elizabeth Childs, after witnessing Child's suicide.

Although "Orphan Black" will not return until April 19, fans are already wondering what is next for Sarah as she hunts for Kira. Following the season two finale, series co-creator John Fawcett explained that revealing male clones allowed season three to be "put in motion."

"A lot of things that we put in motion at the end of season two are obviously big story components going forward and new pieces to the puzzle," he said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "We believe in giving the audience answers, but we have our mysteries and we want to earn the answers. This is kind of a new aspect to the larger puzzle that is 'Orphan Black.'

In a different interview, both "Orphan Black" creators Fawcett and Graeme Manson opened up more about the male clones.

"We really liked the idea of a make clone opening up an entirely new facet of this conspiracy," the co-creators told TVLine. "We knew that there were two different aspects to the conspiracy. One was the Project Leda faction, and the other was the Project Castor faction."

As for the impact that male clones' effect on "Orphan Black" and its characters, the pair remained mum.

"That's something yet to be determined," Manson and Fawcett said. "At the moment, it's part of the puzzle. It's a clue, and obviously a very big one. It opens up a lot of possibilities for the direction of season three."