OS X 10.9 Rumors: Software to Feature Siri and Maps Integration

The latest OS X 10.9 rumors point to the software being integrated with Siri and Apple Maps.

Early builds of the next-generation Mac operating system already have the Siri voice command software built into it in the same way it is on iPad models running iOS 6, according to 9to5Mac, who cited reliable sources for the information.

Apple did not confirm if Siri would be available on it for all OS X 10.9 users. However Mountain Lion, the current software featured on Macs runs dictation which is very similar to it. This could lead to Apple integrating Siri onto its computers with a simple software update.

Apple also plans to integrate its mapping service into OS X as a framework for developers, according to sources, who have been testing the early builds of this software. Developers will be able to embed a map into their applications for the Mac App Store.

Apple also might extend its own work on mapping on the Mac aside from integrating it for developers. The company could have its own full-fledged Maps app on the Mac computer, but that is yet to be confirmed.

OS X 10.9 development began simultaneously with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. The company worked on multiple features for the future Mac operating systems during the launch of the iOS-like OS X Lion in 2011. This information was confirmed by people familiar with Apple's OS X software development.

Apple's plan was to distribute features found on iOS such as AirPlay, Dictation, Game Center, Reminders, Notes, and iCloud document syncing on the next few builds of OS X.

9to5Mac reported earlier this month that it had seen more and more visits made to its site by users running OS X 10.9 from California Bay Area IP addresses. This indicates that the software has been in its testing phase for a good amount of time.