OS X Mountain Lion Release Date to See 200 New Features Launched

Apple fans are eagerly awaiting for the OS X Mountain Lion, which is expected to have a released date of July 25. With just days to go those waiting to get their hands on the new Mac operating system can expect to receive an amazing 200 new features.

It has been reported in multiple sources that many Apple Store employees have been called in for an all-nighter on July 24. This has led to strong assumptions that the OS X Mountain Lion will be released the following day.

Apple has already confirmed that Mountain Lion will be released in July, but did not specify a date. However, with days running out, there are now only so many fitting days the operating system can drop on.

Last year Apple issued its quarterly earnings report, and then released the current version of the Lion the following day. This year once again the quarterly earnings report is scheduled for July 24, sparking even stronger rumors that July 25 is indeed the correct release date.

However, the release will be worth waiting for; an astonishing 200 new features will be launched on the new OS. There are too many features to go into depth here, so here is just a rundown of some of the main features users can expect: The OS X Mountain Lion will feature "Gatekeeper" which will increase the platform's security to make the Mac arguably the most secure system available. The efficiency of Gatekeeper is expected to be extremely high, but how high is unsure until the release.

One of the most exciting and obvious features Apple fans can expect is the integration of a host of iOS functions into the Mountain Lion. It has been reported that a Siri-type voice dictation service will be included, as well as a more advance multitouch.

Also coming to Mountain Lion is Apple's messaging platform, iMessage, which will allow users to instant message iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners. This will probably be one of the most used and useful features to be seen on Mountain Lion.

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion will be available to Mac users as a $19.99 upgrade to their current operating system.