'Overwatch' Holiday Event 2017 Tips & Tricks: Best Strategies When Playing as Mei in the Yeti Hunt

Blizzard EntertainmentPromo still featuring Mei in 'Overwatch's' Winter Wonderland 2017 event.

As per tradition, Blizzard Entertainment has released the limited-time event, Winter Wonderland, for the holidays that includes a new mode called Mei's Yeti Hunt.

One very unique gameplay feature in Mei's Yeti Hunt is the option to play as Mei or the strong and genius ape, Winston. With that, there are several factors to consider before making a choice.

Winston is very strong character causing destructive damage in just a few strikes, so players looking forward to entering the Yeti Hunt as Mei will need to learn some strategies to gain an advantage.

Playing as Mei, the goal is to practically defeat Winston first before he gets to take down all five Meis in a match. On the other hand, Winston's primary objective as soon as the game starts is to look for meat to gain even more strength.

To those who chose Mei in a match, one important strategy is to stay together while searching for Winston who will likewise be busy looking for at least four pieces of meat before he can go on full Primal Rage mode.

Winston is undoubtedly strong, even when he is not in Primal Rage, so if he happens to come close to a Mei wandering alone in Nepal Village, he can easily take her down. Aside from sticking together with the other Meis, going for long-range attacks is also a good way to avoid getting hit by Winston since a few strikes of his could cause grave damage.

Meis will also have access to their Ice Wall in the Yeti Hunt mode. It is best to maximize this feature to create a defensive structure as well as setting a trap against Winston.

Keeping in mind that Winston is looking for meat at the start of the game will also help. Players who choose to be Mei can lure Winston to a predetermined location by using meat as a bait. Once he is in the area, they can then collectively launch long-range attacks to weaken the strong and wise ape.

Players who opt for Mei in the Yeti Hunt must remember that each of them only has one life in every match.

One basic factor to consider before playing the Yeti Hunt is how long a player will have to wait before he or she can enter a game. Considering that in every match there will be five players as Mei, there is a relatively lesser waiting time. On the other hand, there is only a single Winston in every game session. This means players who want to play as the strong ape should expect to stay longer in the queue.

According to Player.One, they were able to join a match instantly when playing as Mei. However, they had to wait for as long as five minutes after choosing Winston.

"Overwatch's" Winter Wonderland 2017 contents are available until Jan. 1, 2018.