Pakistan's First Female Suicide Bomber Killed Near Christian School

The burka-clad woman believed to be the first woman suicide bomber in Pakistan blew herself up near a Christian missionary school on Tuesday, officials said.

Though initial media reports could not confirm whether the woman intended to plant the bomb or planned to kill herself with it, along with other people, the chief of police in the city where the explosion happened told the New York Times the woman was definitely a suicide bomber given that a belt was strapped to her.

"We have found pieces of the belt used in the bombing, which shows that she was a suicide bomber," said Peshawar Police Chief Tanveerul Haq Sipra.

The target is believed to have been the military checkpoint she was approaching, given that pro-Taliban militants the day before had captured six Pakistani security officials and blew up their checkpoint.

Recently, there has been an upsurge in violence within the Muslim-majority country as the Pakistani military launched a fierce clampdown on Taliban-sympathizers, especially in the volatile northwest region, where the latest incident occurred.

No casualties were reported following Tuesday's explosion.