Pallet Yard Fire Destroys Business, Family Looks to God (VIDEO)

The West Coast has been ravaged by wildfires this week, and unfortunately, Fontana, California was no exception on Sunday with what appears to be a man-made fire.

Firefighters put out huge flames in a pallet yard within an industrial area of Fontana yesterday afternoon when tall stacks of the wood became giant bonfires.

Residents in the area reported hearing three or four small explosions before spotting a large fire, according to CBS Local News. It is believed that the fires were fueled by all the wood and possible propane.

Fire teams from both Rialto and Rancho Cucamonga assisted the San Bernadino County Fire Department in battling the flames.

Watch a video of the flames on YouTube " target="_blank">here.

Luckily, the family business where the fire took place was closed at the time, but Ramirez Pallets suffered a huge blow.

"I'm just more concerned for my parents," said Judy Ramirez, the daughter of the owner, speaking to Los Angeles' local news. "They've worked so hard."

Another relative credited her strong faith in getting the Ramirez family through the tough time.

"God is going to help us," said Maribel Sanchez, whose brother owns the business. "We have a lot of faith in God. And I know Ramirez Pallets will go up again. We know we are going to rebuild."

Delivery trucks and tires also went up in flames, and propane tanks caused the explosions, according to The Press-Enterprise.

Meanwhile, the case of the fire is under investigation, San Bernadino County Fire spokesman Chris Crater said.

After battling the flames, one firefighter suffered from a heat-related injury and was hospitalized for observation, the spokesman added.

The flames required bulldozers as well as other tactics normally used for wildfires, and by the time the fire had finally gone out, just the main building and a plant remained.