Pastor Marvin Sapp to Release 'Single Dad' Reality Show

Marvin Sapp, 45-year-old pastor and gospel singer, is reportedly getting ready to add reality television star to his job description.

Sapp and his three children will reportedly showcase the gospel singer being a full time single father, two years after his wife died from cancer, in the docu-series "Marvin Sapp: Single Dad."

The gospel singer spoke to about missing his late wife, MaLinda Sapp, who lost her battle with colon cancer.

"There are days when I get up and I cry, thinking of her. There are days thinking of her and I smile,"Sapp told the website. "There are days when I'm angry. Days that I'm not… we miss her."

Sapp and his wife were the head pastors at Lighthouse Full Life Center Church in Grand Rapids, Mich., before she passed away. Still, the pastor and singer said he was willing to share his story in the upcoming reality show that began filming earlier this year.

Although the show has yet to be picked up by a network, it will be produced by Open River Pictures.

Tammy Williams, CEO of Open Rivers Pictures, spoke about the importance of audiences seeing an African American male head his household on the show.

"I count it a privilege and an honor that Marvin entrusted my company to document the second chapter of his and his kids, ML, MiKalia and Madisson's life," Williams said. "I think it is timely that the country sees a man, especially an African-American man, who is serious about family values and raising his children."

Sapp also spoke about what his show represents in an EEW Magazine News report.

"This is about a family man who really believes in family teaching his children core values along with trying to manage a successful business and a career as well," Sapp said about the "Single Dad" series. "God's good, so I am just going to keep it moving."