Pastor Releases Book About Having the 'Perfect' Life

What would you do to live a more fulfilling life with more joy, more satisfaction and more significance?

Author Terry A. Smith claims that his TEN theme can help you be successful in achieving a life of fulfillment in his book, “TEN: How Would You Rate Your Life?”

Pastor Smith asks readers, “How would you rate your life on a scale from 1 to 10?, A six, a seven?" He then asks if you what you would risk to make it a perfect ten. Smith thinks we all have the opportunity rate our lives as a perfect ten in his debut book release.

Smith, lead pastor of the Life Christian Church in NJ, hopes to challenge and encourage others to use their own unique power and potential to live a “perfect ten” life. Smith said he was inspired to write this book by observing a message about having a more abundant and better life.

“I wanted to take the concepts of living a life God dreamed for us and share them,” Smith said.

Smith says the book is based on the question, “How would you rate your life?” from the Bible verse, John 10:10. According to Smith, it’s a guide to living the life God has dreamed for us. The verse reads, “The thief cometh only to steal and kill and destroy. I come that they may have life and have it more abundantly,” according to the King James Bible.

Smith interprets the verse as Jesus promising us life in all its fullness. He said that we can only achieve this by living the life God has envisioned for us.

Those who want to rate their life fulfillment on a scale of 1-10, should reference John 10:10, where Jesus promises us life in all its fullness, according to the pastor. He goes on to explain what it means to live a better life, hoping that people will believe that part of being created in the image of God is the ability to help others around us.

“We have the ability to create the best possible future for ourselves and the world around us and others,” Smith said. “We can all live in its fullness, more and better life than we ever dreamed of … His dreams are greater … when we tap into that, we are living the ‘TEN’ life.”

The book links our potential for a superior life with helping others create a better life for themselves. Regardless of our natural gifts, as individuals, we all have the ability to lead ourselves and others to the best possible future.

“TEN” will try to challenge readers to become the leader God created them to be. Its aim is to help someone create a preferred future, which will impact the lives of others around them and people they haven’t even yet met.

Smith hopes that “TEN” will help the reader grasp God’s dream for our lives and help them take the necessary action to make that dream come true. He explains that part of the “TEN” experience is to try to figure out what that means for each of us as individuals.

Smith offers seven steps specifically designed to lead to a better life. Awake, Discover, Imagine, Grow, Act, Lead and Go are seven steps that reveal how each of us can experience life in all its fullness, according to the book.

“TEN: How Would You Rate Your Life” was released, Jan. 3. It can be found on and downloaded from