Pastry-Chef-Turned-Pastor Opens Cupcakery for Florida Church

A Florida pastor with over two decades of pastry experience has decided to open up a cupcake shop.

Pastor Pedro Gonzalez of Casa Del Alfarero Church in Tampa, a pastry chef with more than 25 years of experience, founded “Glorified Cupcakes” earlier in the fall.

“Even though we are a for-profit business, our proceeds will go 100 percent into the kingdom of God as He directs,” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez, who oversees Casa Del Alfarero’s contemporary service Saturday Night Café, explained that the idea of opening a bakery came from the Café worship model.

“Instead of pews we have round tables and chairs where you can sit and have a cappuccino and a pastry,” said Gonzalez.

“From there we get into worship and then the word.”

Glorified Cupcakes offers a variety of cupcake delights, including Oreo, Keylime, and Peanut Butter and Jelly flavors. The bakery also offers deliveries for special events such as weddings, seminars, political functions, and of course, church events.

“At Glorified Cupcakes, no order is too large,” reads the shop’s website. “We also have the capability of printing an edible logo right on the individual cupcake to personalize your event.”

A portion of all profits made by Glorified Cupcakes goes directly to Casa Del Alfarero Church, whose members comprise the bakery’s workforce.

“Our workers are all part owners of the business,” said Gonzalez, who explained that the congregation members “gained through sweat equity.”

Gonzalez said he hopes to expand the bakery to include ten other locations next year, with the hopes “to give others the opportunity to own a business for themselves.”