Patrick Stewart Wedding: Ian McKellan to Officiate Friend's Ceremony

Patrick Stewart's wedding will be officiated by "X-Men" co-star Sir Ian McKellen. The two appeared on the big screen as rivals Professor X and Magneto, and now the latter will marry his friend to Sunny Ozell, a 35-year-old jazz singer.

Patrick Stewart's wedding details, like the special guest to officiate, were discussed on-air. McKellen stated that he was scheduled to officially marry the couple, who has been romantically linked since 2009. He wasn't exactly sure of the terminology, however, as McKellen is far from a priest or pastor.

"I'm going to marry Patrick," the "Hobbit" star, well known for the character Gandalf, said on "The Jonathan Ross Show." "No, no. How else do you put that? I'm going to officiate at his wedding."

Because McKellen does not regularly marry people, he was asked about the marriage and if it would be legally recognized. Surprisingly, the English actor said he was a little fuzzy on the details.

"I don't know. But in Massachusetts, in the middle of America somewhere, you get anybody along, a friend, and I read out the words, and Sunny and Patrick will then be married," he explained. "I declare you man and wife."

What McKellen was referring to is a special law that only Massachusetts offers: the one-day marriage designation. For a one-time fee of just $25 and a character reference, McKellen will be able to officially marry his friend. However, he has to apply six weeks in advance, and the ceremony must happen in the state.

When asked what his plans were for the ceremony, his answer was simple.

"You musn't upstage the bridge," he joked.

McKellen and Stewart will also appear together for their next movie, "X-Men: Days of Future Past," with Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman reprising their roles as Storm and Wolverine. The movie is due July 18, 2014.