Peyton Manning Tub Scene Spoofs Gisele Bundchen's 'Multitasking' Photo

Peyton Manning shared a hilarious response to Gisele Bundchen's viral Instagram post in which the supermodel was "multitasking" this week.

While Bundchen was seen having her hair, nails and makeup done all while breastfeeding her daughter in a photo earlier this week, Manning shared his own version of multitasking on Twitter on Wednesday, Dec. 11.

The funny post features the 37-year-old Denver Broncos quarterback wearing a helmet and reading from an iPad with one foot submerged in a pool and the other foot clad in a sneaker.

"Of course this is how Peyton Manning spends his time in the pool," the caption of the photo read on Twitter.

Days later, Manning posted yet another reply to Bundchen's busy photo with an image posted to Twitter featuring him with an iPad wearing a helmet once more. However, the second spoof saw the 37-year-old NFL star in the famous scene taken from "Life of Pi" in which a tiger prowls beside him in a sea-stranded boat.

Manning's response to Bundchen have gone viral since the supermodel drew ire with her post on Tuesday.

"What would I do without this beauty squad after the 15 hours flying and only 3 hours of sleep? #multitasking," the former Victoria's Secret model wrote in the caption of a photo on Dec. 10.

Bundchen appears relaxed in the action-packed photo- her eyes are closed all while makeup is being applied to her face, nails are getting pruned, and hair is getting curled. The model's one-year-old daughter Vivianne plays with her necklace while breastfeeding as the beauty routine is underway.

Consequently, Bundchen received mixed reviews on the post, with some mothers praising the supermodel for promoting breastfeeding, while others saw the picture as boastful.

The breastfeeding photo was not the first time Bundchen has taken to social media about her family life- the David Yurman model is married to New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady, with whom she shares three children.

Bundchen has recently shared a post taken during yoga practice beside her infant daughter with a photo that quickly went viral. The image featured the model with her arms outreached in a stretching position on the floor while beside her, baby Vivian struck a similar pose. Instead of having her legs outstretched, the small child was seen kneeling beside her mother with her face pointed toward the sky.