Phillip Phillips Out of Hospital and Contemplating Life, He Says

Phillip Phillips is officially out of the hospital and is now resting as he prepares for his upcoming "American Idol Tour."

Phillips had postponed surgery a number of times before finally going under the knife recently to remove reportedly "massive" kidney stones, which had affected the Idol's performance. Nothing appeared sufficient enough to steal away the title that seemed destined to be his -- not even the voracious vocals of a young teenage girl.

After the surgery was completed, it appeared as though everything had gone according to plan.

"Surgery went well, he's resting and will be ready for the Idol tour kick off in July!" Leslie Fradkin, a representative for Idol producers 19 Entertainment, told The Hollywood Reporter.

Phillips himself also attested to his good health and readiness to go on tour.

"Ready to start jammin with the band on tour!" Phillips tweeted last Tuesday. The singer later thanked all of his fans for offering support while he was ill.

Phillips was released from the hospital after spending days there afterwards recovering from the invasive surgery.

"Just want to tell everyone thank you for the concerns and prayers, it means a lot to my family and I'm just resting and healing," the "Idol" winner tweeted on Saturday.

With nothing else to do, and some bed rest seemingly a part of the doctor's orders, the Idol appears to be taking his free time to reflect on life.

"It's crazy how everyone is so different in this world. Really interesting. But we're also alike in ways. Just thinking about life," the singer tweeted on Monday.

He also advised his fans to take up on story time and take a minute to listen to a tale from someone they loved.

"Listening to old stories of life with the people i love....good times. Everyone should listen to old stories sometimes," Phillips wrote.

The Fox tour, which includes 45 scheduled tour dates, will begin July 6.