Phoenix Dust Storm: Photos, Video Go Viral as Amazing Haboob Hits City

A massive Phoenix dust storm has stunned residents in the area with amazing Haboob photos going viral on the Internet this week. The massive dust storm hit Phoenix on Monday night and numerous images of the huge dust cloud sweeping across the land have stunned people, with the photos being shared by thousands on social media sites.

A Phoenix haboob photo has gone viral.

The haboob hit on Monday night on the outskirts of the Phoenix metro area around sundown.

As soon as photos of the extraordinary event were posted online they immediately went viral through Twitter, Facebook and various other social media platforms.

A haboob is defined as a "violent dust storm or sand storm," and in this case it brought 60 mph winds to the Phoenix area. Reports from the area also stated that visibility dropped to just a quarter of a mile as the dust cloud swept through the city.

Other reports also confirmed that the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport had to be temporarily closed, with all inbound and outbound flights halted as the storm came into the city.

No reported injuries occurred, and no significant damage was reported to any buildings in the area.

Residents in Phoenix though were fortunate as shortly after the haboob left sand littered through the streets and dirtied buildings, rain started to fall allowing much of the dirt to be washed away.

However, a number of roads were also closed as the runoff left mud and rocks on the streets.

Here is a video showing footage of the Phoenix Haboob: