Pink Loses 55 Pounds, Goes Back to Six Pack With Vegan Diet? (PHOTOS)

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(PHOTO:Twitter/P!nk )P!nk losses 55 pounds.

Pink has lost over 55 pounds since giving birth to her daughter Willow over a year ago, according to a recent interview in which the musician opened up about her life before pregnancy.

The "So What" singer admitted that she had not lived an extremely healthy life style before giving birth last year in June. While pregnant, her health got worse after eating sweet treats like cheesecake and gaining an excessive amount of weight. But all of that has changed since her daughter was born.

"I ate a lot of cheesecake during those nine months," the singer said during an interview with Shape magazine that is due out in November. "Also anything sour, Sour Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Key Lime Pie…"

She was also in the bad habit of smoking excessively and admitted to a previous history with illegal drug use.

"I was 9 [when I started smoking]. By the time I turned 12 I was smoking a pack a day," she said during the interview, according to Entertainment Wise. "I was into ecstasy, Special K, crystal meth, acid - you name it."

But things changed after Pink got pregnant, beginning with her cigarette habbit.

"I quit when I got pregnant," she said. "Unlike before [Willow was born], cigarettes smell repulsive to me."

During an earlier interview this past summer, the singer stated that she lost weight by doing Yoga, Cardio, and switching off to a vegan diet at times.

(PHOTO:Twitter/P!nk)P!nk gets hair done before "X-Factor"

She suggested that pregnancy did not feel as glamorous as she had imagined it.

"I thought I'd feel like a goddess," she told Cosmopolitan Magazine in June. "They sell you on that s**t... like you'll never feel more feminine. Really, I just felt like a mess."

Now Pink does an hour of cardio every day followed by an additional hour of strength training or Yoga, according to the magazine. She also trades off into a Vegan diet, but only part time.

(PHOTO:Twitter/P!nk)P!nk with Husband Corey Hart