Pit Bulls Attack Car, Kitten Found Hiding in Bumper

A 7-week-old kitten went up for adoption on Saturday, after surviving a vicious attack from pit-bull dogs and a 25-mile commute hiding under a car bumper.

The incident occurred in Banting, California after the small kitten found herself in an inconvenient hiding place. The kitten crawled into a car bumper to avoid the attack of four pit-bull dogs. The dogs appeared to have been attempting to get to the kitten for hours before the owner discovered his very torn up vehicle.

A corner of the vehicle was completely ripped off with damage also done to the surrounding area near the light and above the tire. The owner however, had little time, and proceeded to drive the car as-is to work. After a 25 mile commute, the owner realized that a kitten was trapped in the bumber.

Animal control was called, according to the NBC Bay Area, and had to assist the owner in removing the car's bumper in order to rescue the kitten. The kitten found was an American Tabby that was estimated to be about 7 weeks old. The cat has been named Fender-Lynx after the car in which she was trapped.

Fender-Lynx went up for adoption at the Palm Springs Animal Shelter on Saturday. She is available for adoption for a $20 pre-adoption fee according to the NBC affiliate.

Some users however, questioned the viciousness of the pit bulls and their attack on the car.

"I find it pretty darned frightening that there's a pack of pit bulls running around loose that could exact that amount of damage on a car," Seana Ferguson Nightingale said on the NBC blog. "I don't care what kind of animal it is, if it's that dangerous and would go to that extreme...good heavens, what if a CHILD were holding that kitten?"