Plane Crash Caught On Tape, Miraculous Survival in Idaho

Survivors of a plane crash have released shocking video footage taken during the moment of impact in a desolate area of the Idaho mountains.

The video reveals the view from the cockpit as the small plane crash-landed into the middle of a forest, as well as the bloody aftermath.

Passengers included Nathan Williams, Tol Gropp Alec Arhets, Nathan Williams, and Tol's father Les Gropp.

The Stinson 108-3 clipped the tops of trees as it lost altitude on June 30 during the routine flight, before finally flipping upside down and crashing to the ground below. All four passengers managed to escape the mangled wreckage, but Les Gropp, the 70-year-old pilot, suffered a broken jaw and ribs.

In addition to the startling view of the crash, the footage revealed the injuries suffered by the passengers, and the shock of the four men.

Williams said that he and the other three survivors are "just four guys who are lucky to be alive," according to the Associated Press.

With no cell phone service following the crash, the four men avoided panicking, but feared they would not be discovered by rescue teams.

However, in what the four survivors describe as a miracle, they were spotted by a helicopter shortly after the crash.

The video of the crash has drawn national attention after being posted online this week.

"It wasn't anything we were trying to film," said Williams. "It was a beautiful day and we were just really having fun recording what we were doing."

Although the video received over three million views, it was later removed from YouTube for violating the company's policy on "shocking and disgusting content."

The group had intended to enjoy the day hiking when things went very wrong.

According to an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the plane was unable to gain the necessary altitude due to a "downdraft which was followed by its wings impacting the tops of the surrounding tree."