'Pokémon GO' Special Items: Possible New Trick to Get Evolutionary Items at PokéStops

Reuters/Kim Kyung HoonNew Gen 2 Pokemon from the Johto region have been introduced to 'Pokemon GO.'

Ever since "Pokémon GO" received the Gen 2 update, players have been trying hard to find special items to evolve their Gen 1 Pokémon to Gen 2 versions. However, these items, which can be acquired at PokéStops, are not very common.

According to Mic, though, a few players may have possibly discovered a trick to increase the likelihood of these special items appearing at PokéStops. Silph Road user Marvel227 reportedly got a dragon scale after walking around with Seadra as their buddy Pokémon. Another user revealed that they received a sun stone while Oddish was their buddy.

This has led to the theory that walking with a buddy Pokémon that required an evolutionary item will increase the chances of getting them at PokéStops. However, other users reported that they never got the evolutionary item they needed, even though they walked with the right buddy Pokémon for a long distance. 

Of course, traveling a far distance would be easier if players were still able to spin PokéStops despite being in a car or train. But Niantic Labs tweaked their code to make sure that players can only activate a PokéStop if they traveled in walking speed. However, a trick around this has also been discovered.

According to Heavy, Reddit user CatFrogArts shared a way to still activate PokéStops and get the items even while traveling in a car or train. When players find themselves nearing a PokéStop, they should open their journals. However, they should make sure that they do not pass the PokéStop while the journal is still open, otherwise, they will lose their chance.

When they are really close to the PokéStop, players should then close the journal and immediately activate the PokéStop to get their items. By doing this, the game does not have enough time to register the player's speed in between closing the journal and swiping the PokéStop, thus creating a loophole in the system.