Pokemon X and Y: Catch Shiny Pokemon Easier with These Chaining Tips for Route 22 (LINK)

A Redditor shared a a new tip about the chaining method used to find Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y which gives clues on what types of attacks to use and how to avoid breaking the chain.

The user conducted their chaining session on Route 22, and claims that one hit K.O.'s using super effective moves on enemy Pokemon create the best chains to find Shinies and decreases the chances of breaking it. See all of user, TruthAlone's results here.

"It seems using super effective moves severely decreases the chances of breaking the chain. (Maybe one-hit K.O.s decrease the chances even more)," said TruthAlone.

"For people that don't know much about chaining, the main thing you'll need to know is how the grass looks when it shakes. It's pretty difficult to see, as it only shakes for about a second, and if you don't have very good photographic memory, it's very hard to remember where each patch is located. If you're going to chain, I'd recommend doing it in a large purple flower patch in Route 22, since you'll have a load of room, and the wider the patch the better," he continues.

As of right now the most efficient way to get a Shiny is through a player created app that uses Shiny Values and Instacheck. However, some people are not too keen to this method as it makes the game easier.

There is a new app called Instacheck that gives the gamer a number of statistics to help them understand their chances of finding a Shiny. There stats accounted for are Trainer Shiny Value, Egg Shiny Value, IVs, EVs, and PIDs, reports IBTimes.

"Instacheck Hotspot uses your computer's wireless connection to create a wi-fi hotspot, which you must use to connect your 3DS to the internet. Your computer can then analyze all network traffic going to your 3DS, and find the data of all Pokémon shown or sent to you in a trade. Instacheck lets you view their details -- even of unhatched eggs!" said a description at the forum that discussed the app.

Egg Shiny Value can be found when the ID and Secret ID are added together. Trainer Shiny Value can be found when checking a freshly hatched Pokemon with the OT.

In order to get a Shiny a trainer and his egg's Shiny Value must match. To increase the odds of this happening, a Reddit thread was created to pair up potential matches. Players can post their Shiny Values and find someone with the number they need. Then they trade Pokemon and the other person hatches it for them and trades it back on an honesty system.

Another way to catch shiny Pokemon has been diagrammed on a Tumblr account called Yellowfur.

A complete diagram explaining how to catch these shiny Pokemon is located here.