Pokemon X and Y Tips: How to Make More Money Using Amulet Coin and O-Powers

One of the most important parts of any Pokemon game is equipping your trainer with enough money to purchase all the things needed with in the game. Pokemon X and Y has a number of ways to get rich quick.

According to Gamezone, players of X/Y should look to get the Amulet Coin and O-Powers.

The Amulet Coin increasing the earnings collected with every battle and can be found at the Parfum Palace on the second floor by the fire place.

O-Powers have a variety of uses including helping in the capture Pokemon, increased experience points, and an increase in money. When combined with the Amulet Coin, the earnings are tremendous.

This O-Power can be received at the Cyllage City Hotel when talking to Mr. Bonding, reported Gamezone.

Another way to make a lot of money is going to restaurant Le Wow. Requiring 100,000 cash to get in to eat and battle, entering into a double battle with O-Powers and Amulet Coin equipped will net the gamer the biggest prize possible, 22 Balm Mushrooms. Those 22 mushrooms can then be turned around and sold for 137,500.

Although it happens quite infrequently, gamers may stumble upon a shiny alternate version of a Pokemon that is no different except for the color; these are called shiny Pokemon. According to Kotaku, this feature is in most of the Pokemon games aside from the early few and many players have gone years without encountering one.

One of the most recent hints on how to catch a shiny Pokemon involves a waiter within Pokemon X and Y.

According to Product–Reviews.net, if a gamer enters a cafe and beats the waiters Pokemon in a specific fashion and then tips him, shiny Pokemon will be more available.

Although this tip is not 100 percent confirmed to work, there is a user uploaded video on YouTube demonstrating the hint.

See the video here.

Another way to catch shiny Pokemon has been diagrammed on a Tumblr account called Yellowfur. A complete diagram explaining how to catch these shiny Pokemon is located here.

If done correctly it should look like this.