'Pokémon Z' News: Fans Hoping Title Will Get A Christmas Release

YOUTUBE/Ampharos ArmyZygarde is rumored to be the center of Nintendo's upcoming game "Pokemon Z"

Fans have been waiting for almost three years for "Pokémon Z" to be unveiled since "Pokémon X" and "Pokémon Y" were released in 2013. There are rumors that are speculating the release date of the new "Pokémon" game will happen this December, which is just in time for Christmas.

According to Latinos Post, avid fans of the "Pokémon" franchise are waiting for the Japanese magazine, Coro-Coro, to be released this Dec. 15, since the magazine usually gives news and spoilers for any upcoming titles. Besides waiting for "Pokémon Z" news, the website also said that fans are also looking forward to updates about "Pokémon X, Y, and Z" animated movie.

Fantendo Wikia said that the new "Pokémon Z" game will be a sequel to the last games and will have a new region to explore, which is said to be inspired by Spain. The region will be called the "Ampardo" region, and the new game will have over 35 new "pocket monsters." "Pokémon Z" will also have five new legendary Pokémons, and will have over 25 "Mega" evolutions. The game will also introduce two new Pokémon types, which are the Light and Cosmic types.

According to Yibada, there will be new twists added to the game, too, however, the navigation is said to be "simplified." The website also said that there will be a balanced gameplay in the upcoming game, where there will be "difficulty" settings to toggle, depending on the user.

Meanwhile, "Pokémon Go," which is an app-based mobile game, is said to be released on iOS and Android devices next year, but most fans are speculating for it to come out this coming Feb. 27, 2016, which is the 20th anniversary of "Pokémon."

Although the December release of "Pokémon Z" has not been confirmed yet, many fans can just hope that they can get this as their Christmas present.