'Power Rangers 2' Rumors: Filmmaker Dean Israelite Reveals Plans for Lord Zedd, Future of Zords If Film Gets Sequel

Facebook/powerrangersInternational poster of the "Power Rangers" movie that was released in March 2017

Despite its underwhelming performance in the box office, talks about the sequel for the "Power Rangers" reboot have emerged.

In an exclusive interview with ComicBook.com, film director Dean Israelite talked about the possible antagonist in "Power Rangers 2" after the young interplanetary warriors defeated Elizabeth Banks' character Rita Repulsa in the movie reboot that was released in March 2017.

According to Israelite, he would like to see the Power Rangers battle it out with Lord Zedd in the film's sequel.

"Well Lord Zedd is the obvious choice, I think, in a good way. Ya know, there was a time when we were talking about Lord Zedd being in this movie. And it just felt like we didn't have the real estate for it and I didn't want to dilute our villains. So we kind of went all in on Rita," the director stated. "And so I think definitely it would all expanding into the next volume I definitely think have to feature Lord Zedd. I mean that's not set in stone but I think that's the obvious, sort of, next step to it."

Israelite also told the publication in a separate report that he is hoping to see several possible upgrades to the Zords in the future installment of the movie. He explained that if they want to expand the plot of the film, they have to make several changes for further exploration.

Before the release of the film in March, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer revealed that they are planning at least five to seven new "Power Rangers" films in the future. But due to the lukewarm reception that the film received from the fans, reports claim there is a possibility to cancel any plans for sequels of the movie.

However, the production outfit has yet to confirm if a "Power Rangers 2" could still be in the works in the coming days.