'Preachers' Daughters' Recap: Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Last night's episode of "Preachers' Daughters" dealt with the subject of Halloween and how Christians celebrate (or don't celebrate) the holiday. It also touched on the subject of faith in healing, as Taylor's father battled a build up of fluid in his chest and the family came together in prayer and service.

"I need to put my faith in God and live my life right," Taylor told the camera after expressing her fear that her behavior was causing stress for her father, which was only making him more ill.

She did step up and lead a youth service, even though it caused her a lot of personal stress. Taylor even turned down an invitation to a Halloween party in order to lead the youth service and help honor both of her parents. It was a step forward for the teen, who has often been criticized for her actions in the church. Taylor received a huge surprise when her father walked into the service before returning home from the hospital.

Kolby rejoiced that she was able to finally celebrate Halloween after being taught that Halloween was "evil." As her sister explained, their mother allowed them to celebrate and dress up as long as their costumes were relatively conservative. That wasn't exactly what Kolby had in mind, though, as she and her sister picked out their outfits.

Later on, Kolby and friends attempted to go through a haunted house, but that ended in disaster for the innocent teen. Then, at a Halloween party, half-naked boys pretending to be Olympic swimmers showed up. Kolby's mother, "the Sex Lady," took the opportunity to preach on the importance of abstinence before marriage.

"We want to make sure that we never celebrate evil or darkness," Olivia's father preached. "This year we're offering a freedom gathering at our house. I'm not afraid of evil, and this year we're going to reclaim the purposes of God and pray for freedom from demonic oppression."

"I'm having a hard time finding the balance between being strict with my Christianity and letting Eden experience normal kid things like Halloween and trick-or-treating," Olivia told the camera. She finally told her parents that she wanted to take Eden out for Halloween, much to their dismay.

"Preachers' Daughters" airs Tuesday nights on Lifetime.