Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 2 Spoilers

Eagerly awaiting the all new second episode of this season of "Pretty Little Liars," which airs tonight on ABC Family at 8 p.m.? For those who cannot wait check out a The Christian Post's preview, along with some spoilers, of "Pretty Little Liars" season four, episode two.

It is fair to expect some information about Toby's family life to be reavealed tonight. At the end of the season premiere, Toby traded the RV for information about his mother's suicide. Hopefully ABC Family won't keep viewers in suspense for too long, and will provide answers about Toby's mom's death in episode two tonight.

The drama of episode two doesn't end with Toby. Hanna will confront Aria about putting swim practice before other obligations-- like friends' funerals. But that's not where Aria's plotline ends. Episode two sees a potential new romance in her life as she gets closer to new guy Jake. She enlists his help, and the two have a discussion about trust.

Emily is providing some drama of her own, it seems she has developed a shoulder injury that could affect her chances at earning a college scholarship for swimming, despite Stanford's interest in her. This also has negative implications for her future with Paige.

For even more information about tonight's all new episode, turn to social media. ABC Family released an exclusive preview of their hit teen drama on Facebook. Check it out here.

The ABC Family drama is doing quite well in the ratings. Last week's season four premiere had 2.97 million viewers and ranked as cable's no. 1 scripted show of the night, according to Entertainment weekly. ABC Family reported that a record number of fans tweeted about the premiere, with 1.3 million tweets about the show's premiere appearing online.